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WolfBite wolfbite_aus at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 15 12:22:59 WST 2007

Arrr the joys of dual booting :)

the FIRST check that the monitor refresh is set low 60
If indoubt use safe mode

 I have had various nvidia cards (gawd a fair few actually)
most resolutions problem is either too high or refresh rate

also some monitor will HATE some resolutions

try some livecd (sabayon 3.26 is good, or  mandriv etc)

else ignore.....

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WolfBite wrote: 
Be surprised if a nvidia card cant do 1024*768
But know for a FACT! that a lot of distro installs will only give me 1024*768 on the install
Have to always edit to get the other resolutions
sometimes its just a matter of adding the res to the existing line 
(1024x768, 800x600)

(1200x1024, 1024x768, 800x600)
He said XP, not Linux..... 
sometimes its more work
(had an lcd that was a pain, but that was with an onboard non nvida :)
xorgconf has never really ever worked properly for me since the xfreeconf days
revert back to xorgconfigur (check spelling, I use tab :)
if need be can past working configs later tonight (at work now :)

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Chris Watt wrote: 
Hi Guys, 

I know this isn't Linux related, 
Then I would suggest using this foresight to post to the off-topic list, perhaps?

but I have an nVidia 6200 128mb in my ZP machine
We know what you meant, but though I might call it that just for fun from now on.

that will not alow resolutions above 1024*768.

I have checked List All Modes and it doesn't help.
What is the highest mode that is listed when you do that?

Before I installed the drivers it worked
At what resolution and colour depth was it running?

but it didn;t refresh properly (obviously). 

Which drivers did you install?  Detonators?

Any idea why? 

My top five would be:

1. Incorrect monitor profile such that the card things the display panel or CRT can't go higher.
2. Have you got all the mainboard drivers / chipset drivers installed and up to date?
3. Not quite a perfect match - i.e. not the right driver; there could be something more specific.
4. Faulty video memory or video card - if so, when did you last see this card working or is it new?
5. Actually, I've run out already.  If the hardware is not faulty, then 9 times out of 10 you will have a driver that is close, but not the correct one.


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