[plug] Re: *** PLUG AGM & Workshop Rescheduled ***

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Tue Jan 16 17:38:26 WST 2007

You should be able to do a proxy vote..

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Ben Woods wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I would like to nominate myself for two positions :)
> 1. Librarian
> 2. Webmaster
> I will, unfortunately, be in the gold coast at the time... on a rare
> holiday. So could the voting go ahead without me in attendance (I will
> be in attendance for all the other PLUG meetings throughout the year)?
> Just a little bit about me, for those that dont know. I just finished
> a Mechatronics Engineering and Finance Commerce double degree at UWA
> and am starting a job at Woodside as an electrical engineer in
> February. I use Linux and BSD both at home, and at my old work.
> I think I would be good as the librarian because I have a LOT of linux
> and BSD cds, and download new ones all the time... I might as well
> bring my collection together with PLUGs, and add some order to it.
> Also, I will be at all the other PLUG meetings.
> I thought I would also be good as a webmaster, as I am always keen to
> update new things on the website and make corrections etc... I just
> dont have access :)
> If you are only allowed 1 position, I would think Librarian would be
> better for me.
> Cheers
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