[plug] Re: *** PLUG AGM & Workshop Rescheduled ***

Ben Woods woodsb02 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 17:23:15 WST 2007

Hey guys,

I would like to nominate myself for two positions :)
1. Librarian
2. Webmaster

I will, unfortunately, be in the gold coast at the time... on a rare
holiday. So could the voting go ahead without me in attendance (I will
be in attendance for all the other PLUG meetings throughout the year)?
Just a little bit about me, for those that dont know. I just finished
a Mechatronics Engineering and Finance Commerce double degree at UWA
and am starting a job at Woodside as an electrical engineer in
February. I use Linux and BSD both at home, and at my old work.

I think I would be good as the librarian because I have a LOT of linux
and BSD cds, and download new ones all the time... I might as well
bring my collection together with PLUGs, and add some order to it.
Also, I will be at all the other PLUG meetings.

I thought I would also be good as a webmaster, as I am always keen to
update new things on the website and make corrections etc... I just
dont have access :)

If you are only allowed 1 position, I would think Librarian would be
better for me.


From: Benjamin Woods
woodsb02 at gmail.com
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> Hi all,
> A quick reminder that PLUG will be having it's AGM for 2007 at 7:30pm
> in the Cameron Hall loft above UCC, on Monday 29th January.  PLUG's
> monthly workshop will be held after the meeting. Note that this is the
> *fifth* Monday of January, not the fourth Monday as is usual - this is due
> to some venue difficulties, and general New Year disorganisation :).
> The general agenda for the evening will be:
> - Welcome
> - State of the union address
> - Vote in new committee
> - General business
> - Close
> The PLUG committee positions will be vacated and a new committee
> greeted in to run the club for another year. The following
> committee positions are to be filled, and a brief description of their
> roles is included.
> - President (currently Ian Kent)
>    + generally ensure the club runs and runs smoothly.
>    + Primary point of contact - liaising with venue sponsors, media,
>      community, and anybody else who might be interested in us.
> - Vice-president (currently Bernard Blackham)
>    + also ensure the club runs smoothly.
> - Treasurer (currently Mark Gaynor)
>    + takes responsibility for the club's finances - bank account, cash
>      box, etc.
> - Secretary (currently Daniel Axtens)
>    + responsible for clearing out PLUG's PO box (located in South Perth).
>    + responsible for PLUG paperwork and meeting minutes.
> - Two Ordinary Committee Members (currently Tim White, Jeff Rida,
>      Marcus Giles, and Cameron Patrick)
>    + support the executive in committee work.
> We also have a handful of very important roles which are not
> strictly tied to committee and would benefit everybody to share the
> load around. These roles are:
> - Librarian - currently Ken Muir-Hunt
>    + take possession of the PLUG library of CDs and books, and act
>      as the point of contact for members wishing to borrow and return
>      items.
> - Talks co-ordinators - currently Alastair Irvine
>    + arrange speakers and venues for PLUG's monthly seminars.
> - Webmasters - currently Bernard Blackham, Cameron Patrick,
>   Daniel Axtens, Tim White, Mark Gaynor
>    + ensure the website is up to date and accurate
> - Listmasters - Ian Kent, Mark Gaynor and Tim White
>    + trawl through the mailing list queue for the plug list and the
>      off-topic list.
> It will be possible to nominate people for any of these positions now
> (by e-mail to the list), and also at the AGM (though on-list is preferable,
> so that those voting by proxy know who they can vote for). You may
> nominate any PLUG member including yourself.
> You must be a financial member in order to vote or be nominated. You
> can renew your membership on the evening - membership costs are
> $10 for full membership or $5 for students/concessioners.
> Regards,
> Daniel Axtens

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