[plug] Disaster recovery utilities for *nix

Bernd Felsche bernie at innovative.iinet.net.au
Wed Jan 24 13:44:56 WST 2007

"Anne Busby" <anne.busby at gmail.com> writes:

>I have been asked the following :

>Has anyone come across a Business Continuity Solution for CSAM (ie Pronto).
>We need to minimize both down time and potential data loss that might occur
>during a time of 'disaster'  We are looking at VM'ing and snap shot copying
>across dark fibre however are under the impression that the platform we have
>(P-Series IBM) wont support VM.  Is there a native unix/linux DR mechanism
>we can use?

>What do people use ???

On a transaction-based system; transaction log transfers (or
mirrors) for the database(s). This can usually be done as often as
once a minute. Using something like rsync makes it possible to
have the backup at a remote location; connected at low bandwidth.
128kbps has historically been used successfully on other RDBMS with
about 100 users on the MRP/DRP application. There was ample residual
bandwidth to have about 20 of those 100 users interact with the
(ChUI) application over the same link.

You need to find out if CSAM is transaction-based, and if so, how to
transfer/backup the logs.

If it's not transaction-based, then there are much bigger problems
lurking within a business database environment. It won't be a
cataclysmic disaster; but more like an insidious cancer on the data.
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