[plug] ubuntu upgrade

Adam Hewitt ahewitt at ursys.com.au
Mon Jun 18 13:59:53 WST 2007

Hi All,

I just logged into my Ubuntu install which prompted me that there were
software upgrades. I ran the updater and rebooted only to find that all
the GRUB options were giving "Partition not found" errors. I edited the
commands and found that the referenced partition information was
incorrect and changing it back to the correct one fixed the problem.

In my case my Ubuntu install is in hd0,1 and the update changed it to
hd1,1. GRUB has been working fine for about a month until this update.

I did notice that the kernel was also upgraded to 2.6.20-16, so maybe it
was just the kernel upgrade that broke it.

Just a warning.


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