[plug] ubuntu upgrade

Timothy White weirdit at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 12:04:45 WST 2007

I had issues with a kernel version change at one stage too.

So I would say this was a kernel change that's done it.

Also, Ubuntu by default appears to use "Partition ID's" (labels?) in
grub and fstab now, so be careful with that too.


On 6/18/07, Adam Hewitt <ahewitt at ursys.com.au> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I just logged into my Ubuntu install which prompted me that there were
> software upgrades. I ran the updater and rebooted only to find that all
> the GRUB options were giving "Partition not found" errors. I edited the
> commands and found that the referenced partition information was
> incorrect and changing it back to the correct one fixed the problem.
> In my case my Ubuntu install is in hd0,1 and the update changed it to
> hd1,1. GRUB has been working fine for about a month until this update.
> I did notice that the kernel was also upgraded to 2.6.20-16, so maybe it
> was just the kernel upgrade that broke it.
> Just a warning.
> Adam.
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