[plug] tunneling windows remote desktop via my webserver on port 80

Jason Nicholls jason at mindsocket.com.au
Thu Jun 21 16:47:19 WST 2007

On Tue, Jun 19, 2007 at 08:27:58PM +0800, Jason wrote:
> Ok, so my work blocks all ports except 80 and 443.
> I run sshd on 443 so I can ssh home and a webserver on port 80.
> I also virtual host two domains from my machine, so I can't just change 
> my router to forward port 80 to my windows machine for remote 
> desktopping.
> What I want to do is:
> Request from work goes on port 80 to my home router, which forwards 
> request to webserver, which picks up that I'm requesting to remote desktop 
> (possibly via the domain name, similar to virtual hosting) to my windows 
> machine, which then tunnels the request and successful remote desktop 
> response back through my webserver, to the router to my work machine.
> Is this possible?
> Hope it all makes sense :)

Use SSH to do the tunnelling, look at the -L option.

Basically you can SSH to your box at home and have SSH tunnel the
traffic for you (and accessible via a local port on your work


    ssh -L <local_port>:<win_computer>:3389 <home_computer>

Then you can launch rdesktop<local_port> and it'll be
tunnelled through. SSH is awesome this way!

If you're using Windows then putty also supports the tunnelling options,
it's just done via the UI and left as an exercise to the reader :)


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