[plug] older laptop ram compatibility and availaility

Tomasz Grzegurzko tomasz89 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 15:55:56 WST 2007

> Well, I could pull it apart to have a better look - again! ;-). I
> assumed it has only one and reports that as 128mb ... okay, I took the
> cover off to get to the easily accessible ram card and it shows
> signs/markings of being 64mb so I _must_ have two cards. Thanks, Tomasz.

The other possibility is that 64MB is "on the motherboard", so it's
still not 100% certain I'm afraid ;)

> Okay now my options are to get a single 128mb to give 192mb all up, or
> get 2x128mb cards, or even more depending on price. Either way, this is
> only a spare laptop and I don't want to spend any serious money on
> allowing me to multi-task on it better.
> Gavin

Hmm, reading the specs, 192MB is the max for this model. That may be
all you can get out of her, but you can always try for more...


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