[plug] [OT] Vista is a serious mess?

John Knight anarchist_tomato at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 16 11:40:57 WST 2007

My mate Steve is running vista and it's like firing up a 386 or something! 
;) It's also so easy to use that I can't figure out how to do a damn thing, 
plus I can't get firefox to run again now, after a reboot, it just complains 
at you about not completing an installation, grrr.

"...it was brilliant, there was three up against a thousand, and boy, did we 
give those three heaps!"

>I quoted a customer for a new system recently being careful to quote them 
>for XP
>instead of Vista yet on advice from their accountant they decided to 
>a HP Media centre PC from Harvey Normans running Vista retailed for more 
>double my quote.
>The setup was terrible. IE kept failing to respond and had to be shutdown
>sometimes taking nearly 5 minutes. The system was utterly sluggish. Took a 
>of tweaking to get it to play right with Telstra NextG USB wireless device.
>The system was behaving like most OS's behave when they have bad RAM but I 
>memtest86 over it and found no problems.
>In the end I sold them a OEM copy of XP, nuked the Vista install and put XP 
>The XP installed worked fine.
>SO to try and bring this ontopic I don't think Linux is going to have much
>trouble competing with Vista. They have really laid a turd with this one.
>However I admit I am yet to try Vista on a PC with more than 1gb of RAM. 
>Vista 1gb RAM could be the new 256 or even 128mb.
>I have yet to meet a customer that is happy with Vista even when it does 
>seem to
>run OK. As one customer said "it slows everything down".
>best regards,
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