[plug] Ubuntu `Unable to copy the user's Xauthorization file'

Paul Dean paul at thecave.ws
Mon Nov 19 17:18:35 WST 2007

Hi "WolfBite",

The Xauthority file is generated from xauth program, and lives in
~[user]/.Xauthority .

To regenerate the file for the user, simply run 
`xauth generate [hostname]/unix:0 .`

Replace "hostname" with your machines name.

Do this twice, once for you machines real hostname and once for

See `man xauth`



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On Sun, 18 Nov 2007 23:25:14 -0800 (PST)
WolfBite <wolfbite_aus at yahoo.com> wrote:

>I'm tinkering with Mint (aka ubuntu aka debian :)
>Everything going ok until suddenly  synaptic came back with
>`Unable to copy the user's Xauthorization file'
>think it got clobbered or something while installing a program of some
>sort google and cant find much but the same thing
>synaptic still works from root and sudo 
>I dont want a quick fix (it still works)
>I want to know how to fix the Xauthorization file
>both root and user Xauthorization file a 0 length
>but on another test machine (great to tinker :) the Xauthorization is
>can anyone point me to any info that make sense :)
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"Life is not WHAT you make it, it's WHO you have in it..."

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