[solved?] was Re: [plug] reset nVidia card to factory defaults??

Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Thu Nov 29 17:14:17 WST 2007


I have noticed this when working with ATI cards... so it may be true of 
all dual-output cards.  The trick is to plug in *either* the analog or 
the digital - there seems to be no need to tell the card which is 
primary, at least in my experience.


Denis Brown wrote:
> At 04:48 PM 26/11/2007, W.Kenworthy wrote:
>> Something I just noticed when rebuilding a kernel yesterday - there are
>> some display settings that may be active before the nvidia driver takes
>> over.  This is in  2.6.22/23.
>> In 2.6.13 where I am now, in graphics, there is a "low level switch
>> control", and the in the console display driver support (another level
>> down) there is a "map the console to primary display device"
> Many thanks to Bill and others who responded.   I think that I have 
> determined the "cause" of my grief...
> When powering on the card, I had attached *both* the analogue (VGA) 
> and digital (DVI) cables to *the same monitor*, an IBM P275 (aka model 
> 6652)
> Now the monitor has a switch on its front panel to select between the 
> sources.   However the electronics are active (presumably) regardless 
> of the switch setting.   So during power-up it is possible that the 
> video card became "confused" as to what was expected of it.
> Someone hinted at this saying that Windows and Linux occasionally saw 
> the analogue and digital outputs as different priority devices.
> Suffice it to say that ATM the analogue cable route always works :-)   
> If time permits I will have a look in the kernel config to see if i 
> can activate the digital as primary display, but I still think there 
> must be some nVidia / aftermarket applet that enables digital from the 
> card as the primary.   Hope this may save someone stress in the future.
> Denis
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