vmware - Re: [plug] Samba [?] performance quirk

Steve Baker steve at iinet.net.au
Mon Oct 1 07:35:34 WST 2007

Mike Holland wrote:
> I recently was using Vmware on Ubuntu, and found that bridged networking
> to the host was extremely slow. So try a different protocol and see if
> its slow too. Are you saying you suspect Samba?
> Changing to host-only fixed the speed.
> You may have the same problem. I'd like to know the answer, but havn't 
> got around to checking the vmware forums yet.
Forgot to add here: I don't suspect Samba is the problem, as it works 
fine from other VMs, just not from one on the same host.  I haven't 
tried any other protocols between those systems, apart from a few rsh 
commands, but they only return trivially small amounts of data, and this 
problem seems to kick in with anything larger than some (small) 
threshold.  When browsing Samba shares from the windows VM I can see the 
local host shares and the directory contents, but can't open/copy files.


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