[plug] Samba performance quirk

Steve Baker steve at iinet.net.au
Thu Oct 11 20:47:10 WST 2007

Sheldon Gill wrote:

> Steve Baker wrote:
>> [snip]
>> The problem is this: from windows vm vwinX, read/write to the samba 
>> share on ubuntu host ubuX (ie. the same physical system) is very very 
>> slow, as in almost non-existent.  I can see the directory and the 
>> files, but trying to read or write files times out or otherwise 
>> fails.  Accessing the share on any of the other systems is very fast, 
>> ie. behaves normally.  Accessing the samba share on host X from any 
>> OTHER windows VM also works fine.  The behaviour is the same on all 
>> 20 computers - accessing any other system is fine, accessing the 
>> local ubuntu host breaks.
>> Any suggestions?
> Install an FTP server on ubu2 and run and ftp client on vwim2 and 
> vwim3 to see what throughput you're getting. That'll help you 
> determine if its a Samba problem or a more fundamental network/vmware 
> issue.

Thanks to everyone who replied.

I found the cause of the problem - after more googling I found a couple 
of posts in the VMWare forums that explain that you need to disable TCP 
segmentation offloading on the host.  Once I did that the network 
performed normally.

You do this by running "ethtool -K eth0 tso off" on the host.


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