[plug] Windows humor

Adam Hewitt ahewitt at skybridge.com.au
Sat Oct 13 06:33:13 WST 2007

Hi All,

Given the recent gathering of arms regarding the ebay use of tux I  
found this quite amusing.

Whilst reading through a recent PC Authority magazine I came across  
an ad for MS SQL. It has a photo of a Hilton hotel and has the  
following written on it:

"A global hotel company analysing 1.4 Million records a day.
Running on Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

How does Hilton forecast demand for its 370,000 rooms and its  
catering services? They import data from six systems into one data  
warehouse requiring 7 million rows and running on SQL Server 2005  
with 99.98% uptime*. See how at microsoft.com.au/bigdata

*Results not typical"


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