[plug] [plug-ctte] Ebay is Anti-Linux!

Harry harrymc at decisions-and-designs.com.au
Fri Oct 12 10:42:14 WST 2007

Paul Dean wrote:
> Hi List,
> Great that this has been "seen" and brought up, but has anyone written
> to Ebay about it?
> If not then lets be the first and maybe start a petitiononline.com and
> rally up other international *LUGs
> "Life is not WHAT you make it, it's WHO you have in it..."
> Q:	What do you call 15 blondes in a circle?
> A:	A dope ring.
> Q:	Why do blondes put their hair in ponytails?
> A:	To cover up the valve stem.

We could also start a petitiononline.com condemning bigotry based on hair
colour. Would that be irony ? ':-)


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