[plug] Ethernet Bonding

Adrian Woodley Adrian at Diskworld.com.au
Fri Oct 19 11:24:47 WST 2007

Provided you're doing mode 1 (active-standby) and you ensure that 
traffic only leaves the active interface, it should work on any switch. 
As fas as the switch is concerned, in the event of a failure the 
interface has been unplugged from the old switchport and plugged into 
the new one.

Daniel Foote wrote:
>> The way to get around it really is to configure up proper 802.3ad between
>> switch and client and be done with it. Everything else gets "funny" from
>> time to time. I see people who configure up teaming under Windows without
>> telling the switch the ports are bonded and it makes me cringe every freaking
>> time.
>>From what you've said, attempting this on anything less than a managed
> switch is wasting time?
> Daniel Foote.
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