[plug] Trevor Cowan (Introducing myself to the group)

Trevor Cowan trevor.cowan at yahoo.com.au
Sun Oct 21 10:04:25 WST 2007

Hello group,
My name is Trevor, I am 67 years of age and was a
member of this list for a short time in 2003. The
reason I dropped out was I could not get my hands on a
spare computer, but as my 19 year old daughter is
buying a new computer, I have inherited her old one
with a bit of space on the hard drives. I see from the
information supplied that membership fees are $10 and
a concession fee of $5. I will willingly pay this at
my first meeting.
Although I am old I have picked up a little knowledge
about computers having been on then since 1998.
I just finished a clean install of Windows 98 on the
7.82 GB "C" section of the hard drive. I intend
putting Unbuntu - 7.10 Gustsy Desktop on the 9.76 GB
"D" drive, leaving the 27.40 GB "E" drive for storage.
I have already downloaded Unbuntu - 7.10 Gustsy
Desktop to dessktop on my main computer and burnt the
required ISO image to disk and had a play around with
No! I have more sense than to ask which Linux version
is the best. :-; I chose this version as it appears to
suit my needs. I may need a little help to get it
installed and get any extra applications for it
I apologize for being so long winded with my
introduction, but thought it would be better to let
you know who I was and where I am coming from.


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