[plug] screen resolution resolved

Arie Hol arie99 at ozemail.com.au
Thu Oct 25 20:51:25 WST 2007

On 25 Oct 2007 at 15:04, David Dartnall wrote:

> Please ignore my plea for help about 10 minutes ago.

While we are on the subject of screen resolution :

I have just built myself an AMD64 X2 system - I have installed Fedora 7 - 
but the installer did not detect my LCD monitor - a Samsung 940BW (19" 

I cannot select the correct monitor from the list (940BW is not shown) or 
change the screen resolution.

Max screen resolution available from list is 1280 x 1024, but I need at 
least  1440 x 900.

I have tried editing xorg.conf by inserting a "modes" line :

Subsection "Screen0"
        Depth       24
        Modes       "1600x1200" "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
        ViewPort    0 0

But the system just ignores the line and comes up in 1280 x 1024, if I 
select "Generic LCD monitor" from the list, the system tells me that 
changes have been saved to xorg.conf but system doesn't save the changes to 
the file.

Can I edit the file that stores the listings of monitors and insert the 
details for my Samsung (Syncmaster 940BW) ?

If so which file do I need to modify ?

NOTE : When I installed Fedora 7 on my P4 recently, I had no problems with 
monitor detection - that system had a ATI Radeon 9250 card installed.

Could the lack of monitor detection be a quirk of having an onboard 
graphics chip ???


Regards Arie
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