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Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Fri Oct 26 08:33:58 WST 2007


Do you need a SAN or a NAS?

The info I have seems to indicate that you could run Linux on the Intel 
box if you wished as it's really just a server with lots of drive bays 
at the front :-)

Does the $10,000 include any drives?  Is it the version with the RAID 

Here's a link to the release from the Inquirer:


Hope this helps,

BTW: I pointed my friend Casper at the Drobo, which runs Linux.  They 
are apparently producing an gigabit ethernet version to compliment the 
current USB2.0 version which has had good reviews. Casper contacted 
Drobo about an Australian distributor - they said they're working on a 
240v version to satisfy global requirements. http://www.drobo.com

Silly American companies often save a few $$s by putting in a 110v only 
switchmode PSU...  always bites them in the bum by delaying time to 
market elsewhere in the world.

Mark Slatem wrote:
> Hey all, I have been tasked with finding some sort of storage solution 
> that will be going into a rack. The primary use will be to host virtual 
> machines and automate backups from other servers in the racks. I would 
> like to go with something that does not break the bank, as we are a 
> small outfit with a budget to match.
> I have been given a quote from for a Intel Storage Server "McKay Creek", 
> for around $10 000 but was horrified to see that its OS is gasp!.... 
> wait for it "Windows Server 2003 Std".  I cringed in horror when I saw 
> this,  as  there is  just no way that I am going to trust vital data to 
> a storage server running "Windows", and I can't understand why they 
> would choose to bundle this device as they have.
> Can anyone recommend a Linux based storage SAN device that would meet my 
> requirements, or put forth experience in using one.
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