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Mark Slatem slatemfam at optusnet.com.au
Fri Oct 26 09:08:37 WST 2007


Thanks for the advice and the link you provided. The inquirer url shows
the exact device we have been quoted on, the given price includes 1 x
100GB and 6 x 750GB Seagate SATA Drives. At the moment we are undecided
on the SAN VS NAS, what is your opinion on both considering we want to
run virtual machines on them. Also if we went for the "Intel Storage
Creek 2" what OS flavor would you recommend?



On Fri, 2007-10-26 at 08:33 +0800, Paul Antoine wrote: 

> Mark,
> Do you need a SAN or a NAS?
> The info I have seems to indicate that you could run Linux on the Intel 
> box if you wished as it's really just a server with lots of drive bays 
> at the front :-)
> Does the $10,000 include any drives?  Is it the version with the RAID 
> controller?
> Here's a link to the release from the Inquirer:
> http://www.theinquirer.net/en/inquirer/news/2007/04/16/intel-updates-storage-offerings
> Hope this helps,
> P.
> BTW: I pointed my friend Casper at the Drobo, which runs Linux.  They 
> are apparently producing an gigabit ethernet version to compliment the 
> current USB2.0 version which has had good reviews. Casper contacted 
> Drobo about an Australian distributor - they said they're working on a 
> 240v version to satisfy global requirements. http://www.drobo.com
> Silly American companies often save a few $$s by putting in a 110v only 
> switchmode PSU...  always bites them in the bum by delaying time to 
> market elsewhere in the world.

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