[plug] NAS unit feedback anyone?

Adrian Woodley Adrian at ScreamingRoot.org
Wed Apr 16 10:02:46 WST 2008

To quote the SGI NAS engineer's response to my description of our mail 
NAS requirements (>5TB) - "Ah, a small one."

I believe you can customise the firmware on the WD World Books. This 
might get around the file sharing limitations.

For a SOHO application, I tend to think cooling is pretty important, so 
one with fans and power management would be valuable.

 From memory these types of devices are cheaper than disks of the same 
size, so its becoming less viable to build your own server/NAS these 
days. Although this does allow you do to some extra things; on disk 
encryption, snapshotting, performance/capacity monitoring, media serving 
(UPnP, DAAP, etc), webdav, etc.

If you do go down the do-it-yourself route, remember that most boxes of 
these type will be IO bound, so invest in fast drives (SATA) and more 
RAM (=more caching) rather than flash CPUs.

Oh, and _lots_ of fans. :)


Fred Janon wrote:
> Hi,
> I am looking for a NAS box with 500GB to 1TB mirrored drives with
> Ethernet 100Mb/s/1Gb/s that supports Linux and Windz. And that doesn't
> prevent any file to be shared (like the WD box).
> There is a few on the market, NetGear, LaCie, Buffalo, any feedback?
> Thanks
> Fred
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