[plug] OT: mil spec laptop, nothing to do with linux but interesting anyway

Peter Sutter sutterp at sopac.com.au
Mon Feb 4 20:43:22 WST 2008

Enlighted ones,

 It appears everything is fitted with a computer of some sort nowadays. 
Trucks, Frontend Loaders, Cars, Boats etc, all appears to be computerised and 
needs to be re-programmed from time to time, because it looses its marbles or 
goes otherwise dead.

I am after a laptop, preferably in a metal case, that can withstand outdoor 
conditions like use in a thunderstorm, blizzard, desert, boat, can be knocked 
around, doesn't mind to be dropped, drenched or otherwise misused and abused, 
can run of its own batteries or if need be from 12V DC or 24V DC or 48V DC 
on-board power and lasts for a lifetime, runs 'arrrgh' windows XP. Its 
primary use is to connect to vehicle's 'diagnosis computer'  and exchange 
communications with these 'onboard' devices under 'all-weather' conditions. 
It is to be done by mechanics who understand very little of computing, but 
have the training to use the software. For them it;s going to be just another 
tool like a spanner or a hammer, that can be thrown into their toolbox and be 
left exposed to the elements.

What model/make/brand do you suggest or have in mind? 



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