[plug] OT: mil spec laptop, nothing to do with linux but interesting anyway

Bernd Felsche bernie at innovative.iinet.net.au
Mon Feb 4 21:00:39 WST 2008

Peter Sutter <sutterp at sopac.com.au> wrote:

>Enlighted ones,

Like the ones who know about the off-topic list? :-)

>It appears everything is fitted with a computer of some sort
>nowadays.  Trucks, Frontend Loaders, Cars, Boats etc, all appears
>to be computerised and needs to be re-programmed from time to time,
>because it looses its marbles or goes otherwise dead.

More a matter of them various bits telling each otehr porkies.

>I am after a laptop, preferably in a metal case, that can withstand
>outdoor conditions like use in a thunderstorm, blizzard, desert,
>boat, can be knocked around, doesn't mind to be dropped, drenched
>or otherwise misused and abused, can run of its own batteries or if
>need be from 12V DC or 24V DC or 48V DC on-board power and lasts
>for a lifetime, runs 'arrrgh' windows XP. Its primary use is to
>connect to vehicle's 'diagnosis computer'  and exchange
>communications with these 'onboard' devices under 'all-weather'
>conditions.  It is to be done by mechanics who understand very
>little of computing, but have the training to use the software. For
>them it;s going to be just another tool like a spanner or a hammer,
>that can be thrown into their toolbox and be left exposed to the

Do they have an inkling that it'll cost about $5000?

>What model/make/brand do you suggest or have in mind? 

Look for "Toughbook" -- and a second mortgage.
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