[plug] strange network activity?

Rob Dunne rob.dunne at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 14:28:10 WST 2008

William Kenworthy wrote:
 > you dont say what operating systems each has. is ubuntu is debian -- a linkstation NAS hacked via FreeLink. 
it doesnt support a monitor and there is no X-server installed on it.
This is the one with the network activity.

 > Try iftop, iptraf, wireshark and etherape

iftop and  iptraf only show active connection to and the

iftop <-> <->  iConnectAccess621

UDP (74 bytes) from to on eth0
UDP (72 bytes) from to on eth0

 > You have a few networks showing - perhaps a quick sketch of the
 > network(s) layout may help to see whats happening (do the others
 > exist?).

there is just and connected to a hub and 
then a modem -- none of the other machines ( etc) exist.

Also iptraf  shows the incoming rates
are the same as the outgoing rates -- is traffic just being routed 
through and  jnettop is just confused about all the other
IP addresses?


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