Try wireless broadband? Re: [plug] looking for a linux-friendly isp

Mathieu Petit-Clair mathieu.petitclair at
Wed Jan 2 12:43:35 WST 2008

Thanks for all the answers, I'm having a look at the whirlpool site now.

Garry wrote:
> But you need to be careful of 3G.. Telstra has NextG, which apparently
> is a type of 3G, but relies on a proprietary connection manager. This
> was limited to XP last time I looked, Vista ans Mac were not supported
> so  Linux had no show either.. Maybe that's changed...

I had an occasion to try Telstra's NextG usb modem, it does work in
Linux (at least using Debian/Sid, as of last month).  Though, the speed
was terrible and so is the price. I was quite far from the CBD, so I
don't know if it's always that slow.

I don't have my setup files for this here, but I can send it later if
somebody is looking for this.


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