[plug] looking for a linux-friendly isp

Adrian Chadd adrian at creative.net.au
Wed Jan 2 15:00:26 WST 2008

On Wed, Jan 02, 2008, Senectus . wrote:

> Also I'm yet to find an Aussie ISP that "supports" linux.
> What I mean by this is Every ISP I've ever used don't really care what
> OS you're using, but won't be able to help you if you run into
> problems.
> having said that, Amnet, iinet and westnet seem to actually use linux
> in their businesses...
> And any stand alone router/modem with ethernet will happily pump the
> net to your machine, as long as it supports tcp/ip :-)

I'll provide home ADSL and support Linux if you'd like. :)

You have to use FC6 or Ubuntu LTS though.


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