Try wireless broadband? Re: [plug] looking for a linux-friendly isp

Gregory Orange at
Wed Jan 2 16:48:58 WST 2008

Don't think so. Naked DSL is still DSL, just without the line rental 
fee[1], and without a copper line requirement (although it comes with 
one). It primes you for VOIP and no PSTN phone at all.
I'm sorely tempted, although I'm pleased to note that TPG have just 
given me an extra 5GB off-peak traffic for free coz my plan is now 
outdated. Sure, 4am-9am aren't my most active times, but free is free 
right? (:


[1] Or it's bundled as part of the cost, to look at it a different way

Kev wrote:
> Is that what I've heard called "naked broadband"?  If so, iiNet do it 
> faster and cheaper.  If not, forget I mentioned it ;-)
> Senectus . wrote:
>> the virgin box is interesting.
>> It's a Handset phone and WiFi for data...
>> Not a bad deal either, worth looking into.

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