[plug] looking for a linux-friendly isp

Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Wed Jan 2 22:20:26 WST 2008

We're using iiNet with Linux which has in-house Linux expertise if you 
get really stuck.  Their modem bundles (and most you can now buy) all 
support ethernet and use web pages for setup, so whether it's Linux or 
Windows etc. is really a non issue.

iiNet also include a VOIP phone line and "Naked DSL" allows you to avoid 
paying for a real phone line (the VOIP-enabled modem is a little more 
expensive but still less than 6-12 months of $30/month to Telstra.)


Mathieu Petit-Clair wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry if this list is not the place for this kind of request..
> I arrived in Perth (in Australia, actually) just over two months ago and
> I (finally) found a house.  So I'm looking to get broadband (around
> 1Mbps and 4-5Go per month) installed, along with home phone, for a 6 to
> 12 months period.
> And I'd like to get a modem that can easily be used on Linux - one with
> an ethernet connection (not usb!).
> Any recommandations?  I had a look at
> http://perth.broadbandguide.com.au/ but there's just way too many
> packages and I have no idea of which ISPs are actually good (or not).
> Thanks,
> Mat
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