[plug] using several ethernet cards problem...

Ian Kent raven at themaw.net
Sat Jan 5 14:06:47 WST 2008

On Fri, 2008-01-04 at 15:55 +0900, Marcos Raul Carot Collins wrote:
> Thank you everybody!
> I gave a try to bonding, and it didn't work (I got an error message, later I 
> will investigate), and also tried using different subnets, which is working 
> perfectly!

Yes, if don't have a switch and you have different computers connected
to different interfaces you might not be able to use a bonded interface.
Bonding of interfaces is generally used to get higher throughput
(supposedly) to the network for heavily loaded servers.

Either setting up a routed (using subnets or separate network addresses)
network or binding the interfaces together as a bridge is the way you
would need to go.


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