[plug] Just works wireless card.

Coral and Ben cobel at bigpond.com
Thu Jan 17 11:08:27 WST 2008

I have a usb one of those and it has never worked with linux

I have a pci netgear wg311v3 that is fine and easy with ndiswrapper though

doodli wrote:
> Michael wrote:
>> One word, TP-Link. Most of their cards use Atheros chipsets. Uses
>> madwifi... nice and easy.
>> On Thu, 17 Jan 2008, doodli wrote:
>>> Can  anyone tell me if there is available in Perth at the moment a
>>> wireless pci card that simply works with Linux. Using OpenSUse Linux
>>> 10.3 64 and 32.  Hopefully someone has brought one lately locally that
>>> just works.
>>> Thanks for any help.
>>> Seeya
>>>             Wally
> Thanks for quick response.
> Looking at Computer shop website now, TP-Link WN550G , is this the one??
> Another question ,can 2 computers using wireless cards network directly
> to each other or do they need a wireless router?
> Seeya
>           Wally
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