[plug] 1GB USB Flash $9.95

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On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 22:51:33 +0800, Chris Caston <caston at arach.net.au>  

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>> I grabbed that same deal and a 1gb MP4 player from Action Belmont in  
>> about October last year.
Just saw this!  What do you mean by Action Belmont?  and where is it - ie,  
"where can I get some?".  (I mean the MP4 player)
V late post, sorry  And Twit Futures?

> Sorry the MP4 player was $30. The first one was defective and had to be  
> returned. In the video formats it only supports AMV and MTV but it still  
> damn good for converting avi's to for watching on the bus/train etc.  
> Also fantastic to Twit Futures in biology podcasts/ MIT OCW lectures and  
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regards Richard

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