[plug] 1GB USB Flash $9.95

Chris Caston caston at arach.net.au
Fri Jan 25 01:01:06 WST 2008

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>>> I grabbed that same deal and a 1gb MP4 player from Action Belmont in 
>>> about October last year.
> Just saw this!  What do you mean by Action Belmont?  and where is it - ie, 
> "where can I get some?".  (I mean the MP4 player)
> V late post, sorry  And Twit Futures?
Sorry I think it was a limited thing. I haven't seen anything like that 
there since but it goes to show that mp4 players are coming down in price 

Futures in biology is a fascinating podcast series.


I personally find biotech much more interesting than plain old tech these 
day and I'm always keen to hear about new and exciting ways of
extending the healthy life span of human beings.

best regards,


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