[plug] Motorola Rokr Z6, Z8, Z10 and other Linux Phones

Craig Dyke grail69 at amnet.net.au
Sun Jun 1 22:00:21 WST 2008

Hi Tim

Some interesting stuff there. I would also point out another alternative 
being the Neo1973 (openmoko.com)

Not only is this a linux based phone but the phone itself is also 
considered to be in the same vein as open source software


Tim White wrote:
> This MAY seem off-topic, BUT i'm relying on the fact that this phone 
> runs Linux, yes, you heard me, this one runs linux.
> Basically, if any of you have read my blog while I'm over here in 
> South Africa, you'll have noticed early this year my fairly new Nokia 
> 6120c just died. If you've read later in the year, you'll see Nokia 
> are being stupid and won't replace it claiming it was dropped...
> So, I've been looking towards Linux phones, partially because I would 
> love for my phone to run Linux, partially because it's partially open 
> source, and partially because I want to support manufactures with 
> Linux devices, in the hope that more Linux devices will come out, 
> rather that more Window$ Mobile devices.
> So the Rokr Z6 caught my eye, running Montavista Linux. It's quad 
> band, a requirement of mine for travelling, but that's about where the 
> goodness stops in terms of bands. It's not 3G, UMTS, HSDPA or NextG. 
> Which is just a pain in the rear end. It does have EDGE, so I'm not 
> left out in the cold.
> Some research has turned up the Z8, which wasn't released in Australia 
> but can be purchased here. It appears to be HSDPA, but not NextG (it's 
> UMTS frequency isn't 850Mhz). BUT, it appears they have dropped 
> Montavista for Symbian, although having a look it appears to be a much 
> better Symbian than the 6120c.
> I've also seen glimpses of the Z10, although judging by the release of 
> the Z8 in Aust, I'll be waiting too long if I wait for it. Plus, it's 
> also Symbian.
> So basically, I'm just looking for input from the group I trust the 
> most with technology. Has anyone got or used a Z6/Z8 and can comment 
> on it?? Seeing as I'm not travelling as much in Rural Aust any more, I 
> can survive without NextG, but should I be pushing for 3G, or will 
> EDGE suffice (I've not had much data experience with EDGE), as I'm 
> usually just doing email, quick short googles, and on the odd 
> occasion, I was using Google Maps (with NextG's funky 'locate me' stuff).
> Can anyone point me to other Linux phones that won't be too hard to 
> get in Aust, and that they would recommend? (Nothing Nokia). Ideally 
> quad band.
> Oh, and in particular, with the Z6, how can you put music on it under 
> Linux, does it need the Window$MediaPlayer stuff, or is it just drag 
> and drop??
> Thanks Heaps .
> Tim
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