[plug] Decent Video Editing Software for Linux

Jason Posavec jasonposavec at iinet.net.au
Thu Jun 12 13:55:49 WST 2008

Mike Holland wrote:
> Jason, what does it need to do?
> Last time I looked (long ago), I found nothing good for DVB edits.
> It was much easier to transcode the recording to mpeg4/avi first and 
> edit that.  Avidemux is good for simple editing of recordings.
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Hi Mike. The only reason I use mpeg2 is because I've always thought that 
was the better to work with. Sometimes I'm converting from avi to mpeg2 
to do the editing, then converting the finished product back to avi. All 
I'm really doing is editing out ads and so forth. I might see if 
avidemux will work on the source avi files. Thanks.


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