[plug] Video capture adapters with Linux drivers?

Denis Brown dsbrown at cyllene.uwa.edu.au
Thu Jun 12 14:42:23 WST 2008

Hello PLUG list members,

Somewhat related to Jason's thread on video editing suites :-)

Recommendations for video grabbers with Linux support?   USB / Firewire 
seems the obvious answer from a hardware interface agnostic 
perspective.   PCI-E it seems to me would be far more hardware (grabber 
chipset) specific.   But I am thinkng the PCI-E interface is likely to 
result in higher transfer bandwidth to the host.

The video sources will be both NTSC (Japanese camcorder) and 
PAL.   Composite video, although in both cases I may be able to get S-Video 
out of them.

Make / model suggestions appreciated.   I have seen reference to D-Link 
DUB-AV3400 but cannot see this on their Australian website.   There seem to 
be quite a few players out there but information / confirmation that they 
support Linux is sketchy at best - unless I have been looking in the wrong 
sites :-)

Linux distros of choice (but unlikely to make a difference I think to this 
discussion) openSuSE, Debian (etch) and Ubuntu.   Hardware host HP dc7600 


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