[plug] Embedded linux & customisation provider

Leon Brooks leon-plug at cyberknights.com.au
Wed Jun 18 11:01:22 WST 2008

On Wed, 18 Jun 2008, Beng Tan wrote:
> I would prefer an outsourcing or
> subcontracting arrangement where I could
> keep my independence and vendor neutrality

I'll ping a few customers & see how they're
getting on. Should get back to you in a few
days, maybe Monday, depends on how complex
my life gets meanwhile.

I normally use Mandriva but a few are on
Ubuntu & a couple on RedHat or SuSe for
assorted reasons.

"See how they're getting on" is literal, few
have immediate problems as Linux just goes
on, stays on, doesn't stretch the hardware,
no viruses etc.

Curiosity calls to 0409-655-359 (remember
it as 0409-minusone-9) or use email
(s/-plug// if you like). Corporate website
in tagline, currently hosted on a customer
Mandriva box in Attadale on AmNet.

Cheers; Leon

http://cyberknights.com.au/  Modern tools; traditional dedication
http://linux.org.au/         PastCommittee Member, Linux Australia

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