[plug] Ubuntu woes

Steve Baker steve at iinet.net.au
Fri Jun 20 10:41:12 WST 2008

Dion wrote:
> If the system is really slow to boot, install bootchart from the 
> ubuntu repos.
> Bootchart will place a png file in /var/log/bootchart every time your 
> boot the machine.
> The bootchart image will show total boot time and duration for each 
> service to start.
> This may help you isolate key areas that are slow and better still, 
> help you see if any changes really help.
> Hope this is helpful.
> Cheers
> Dion.

This is a great tip, thanks.

I left memtest86 running overnight, it found a single error on the 5th 
pass which is interesting.  I restarted memtest and left it running 
today whilst I'm at work.  The memtest seems to run in 'surges' in some 
of the tests.  By that I mean the % complete sits still, then surges 
forward, then sits still for a second or two, then jump again.  I 
expected the progress bar to move at a fairly constant rate, is this 
normal behaviour for any of the tests?

I'm going to bring some extra RAM sticks home from work and swap them 
around over the weekend to see if I can isolate any problems there.  
Apart from being slow to boot it's pretty stable, however that doesn't 
mean there isn't a problem with memory...


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