[plug] perl Net::IMAP usage

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Sun Jun 29 10:50:27 WST 2008

Adrian Woodley <Adrian at ScreamingRoot.org> writes:

> Has anyone on list successfully used perl's Net::IMAP module?

Net::IMAP, from the NetxAP distribution, and not Net::IMAP::Simple,
right?  I have done a little with it, but...

> I'm chasing some example code, but it seems to be pretty light on the
> ground.

...what are you actually trying to do with it?  Net::IMAP pretty much
maps directly to the IMAP protocol, from my recollection, so you can use
the RFC, call the method named after the operation with the same
arguments, and it just works(tm).

My guess is that you want something higher level: Net::IMAP::Simple,
perhaps, or some other high level set of operations on mail inside an
IMAP store -- not a direct mapping to the low level protocol...

Anyway, tell us more about your problem and someone may be able to help
y'all out.


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