[plug] perl Net::IMAP usage

Adrian Woodley Adrian at ScreamingRoot.org
Mon Jun 30 10:58:30 WST 2008

I'm attempting to write a testing suite for our mail farm, in particular 
our Ironport cluster. The basic testing will be to send off a heap of 
email to test accounts of varying types and use IMAP to see if they've 
been delivered.

The reason I want to use the Net::IMAP module is its access to the IMAP 
search function. The idea being to send an email with a unique subject 
(date-time + MD5 sum or similar) and then be able to search for it in 
the mailbox.

 From what I've seen, Net::IMAP::Simple doesn't have access to the IMAP 
search function, requiring a "manual" (and possibly inefficient) search.



Daniel Pittman wrote:
> Adrian Woodley <Adrian at ScreamingRoot.org> writes:
>> Has anyone on list successfully used perl's Net::IMAP module?
> Net::IMAP, from the NetxAP distribution, and not Net::IMAP::Simple,
> right?  I have done a little with it, but...
>> I'm chasing some example code, but it seems to be pretty light on the
>> ground.
> ...what are you actually trying to do with it?  Net::IMAP pretty much
> maps directly to the IMAP protocol, from my recollection, so you can use
> the RFC, call the method named after the operation with the same
> arguments, and it just works(tm).
> My guess is that you want something higher level: Net::IMAP::Simple,
> perhaps, or some other high level set of operations on mail inside an
> IMAP store -- not a direct mapping to the low level protocol...
> Anyway, tell us more about your problem and someone may be able to help
> y'all out.
> Regards,
>         Daniel
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