[plug] Overly mobile mail solution

Adrian Woodley Adrian at ScreamingRoot.org
Tue Mar 4 10:21:55 WST 2008

I've also found that SSL/TLS is a much better solution than VPNing. Its 
certainly more efficient and can be used from any machine you happen to 
be on, not just your laptop. There's a pretty good article on setting up 
a CA as well as SSL/TLS on various applications here -> 

Adrian Woodley

Adrian Chadd wrote:
> I'd suggest putting a box somewhere well-connected (with decent upstream
> bandwidth), aggregate mail on it, and then run something like IMAP sync
> to sync to your local machine.
> 2c,
> Adrian
> On Mon, Mar 03, 2008, Brad Campbell wrote:
>> Paul Antoine wrote:
>>> 50 accounts!! What the hell were you thinking... hehe. I've not used 
>>> Cyrus IMAP for replication but have a friend who has so I'll ask and 
>>> forward his advice.
>> Nah, 8 accounts but about 47 mailing lists..
>>> Offline access to email is always a pain in the neck but so often also 
>>> very useful so I like your suggested solution!  Might have to try it 
>>> myself :-)
>> I'm going to set up a spare box / spare laptop on the weekend and try it 
>> out kinda live so I'll see how it goes.. nothing like jumping in with both 
>> feet. I figure I can configure fetchmail to pull down twice as often as my 
>> laptop polls and just set it up to always leave mail on server, leaving my 
>> laptop to download/delete. It won't be a full-on live test, but should net 
>> me about 700 mails a day to play with. Nice having spare machinery lying 
>> around to beat on!
>> I just need my mail stored local on my laptop as I'm offline as often as 
>> I'm on line, and being stuck in a boring meeting with no connectivity is a 
>> great time to catch up on my mail..
>>> Anyway, I'll get back to you and the list with anything I find from my 
>>> esteemed friend who's just gone through server replication hell :-)
>> I'd appreciate that. I'll also let you know the results of my testing in 
>> the next week.
>> Brad
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