[plug] Overly mobile mail solution

Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Tue Mar 4 15:47:03 WST 2008


Turns out my friend was using imapsync which is not what you want for 
your application. I am therefore looking forward to seeing the results 
of your experimentation.

It is indeed nice having spare machinery for playing... and with Linux 
it doesn't even have to be very new.  My PIII HP servers are plenty 
quick enough for many things!

Actually... would anyone on the list like one of my spare HPs?  I think 
having 3 is just greedy :-) Dual PII/PIIIs, hotswap scsi, 256MB (up to 
1GB) ECC ram, redundant PSUs... 7U rack-mount.

Just let me know off-list.


Brad Campbell wrote:
> Paul Antoine wrote:
>> 50 accounts!! What the hell were you thinking... hehe. I've not used 
>> Cyrus IMAP for replication but have a friend who has so I'll ask and 
>> forward his advice.
> Nah, 8 accounts but about 47 mailing lists..
>> Offline access to email is always a pain in the neck but so often also 
>> very useful so I like your suggested solution!  Might have to try it 
>> myself :-)
> I'm going to set up a spare box / spare laptop on the weekend and try it 
> out kinda live so I'll see how it goes.. nothing like jumping in with 
> both feet. I figure I can configure fetchmail to pull down twice as 
> often as my laptop polls and just set it up to always leave mail on 
> server, leaving my laptop to download/delete. It won't be a full-on live 
> test, but should net me about 700 mails a day to play with. Nice having 
> spare machinery lying around to beat on!
> I just need my mail stored local on my laptop as I'm offline as often as 
> I'm on line, and being stuck in a boring meeting with no connectivity is 
> a great time to catch up on my mail..
>> Anyway, I'll get back to you and the list with anything I find from my 
>> esteemed friend who's just gone through server replication hell :-)
> I'd appreciate that. I'll also let you know the results of my testing in 
> the next week.
> Brad

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