[plug] OT: Time to clear the ol' rack out

Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Fri Mar 14 10:03:20 WST 2008


Following the successful transition of some old and faithful HP PIII 
servers to PLUG members (thanks Tomasz and Rob!) I have decided to clear 
out more of my rack of gear.

I have:

  Cisco PIX 515 firewall/router with rack ears

  Dell Poweredge Server 750, P4 2.4Ghz, 800Mhz FSB, 1G, 2x160GB sata
  (with rack rails!)

  HP J1473A 4-port rack-mount KVM with cables

  HP LC2000 server, 1GB, dual PIII 600's & RAID (Adrian has dibs atm)

  HP JetDirect interface for LaserJet 4/5s

  Cisco Aironet 340 802.11b wireless access point

  3U rack mount case in trendy black :-)

Any and all reasonable offers considered - just contact me off-list.


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