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Mark J Gaynor mark at mjg.id.au
Wed Mar 19 16:10:46 WST 2008

I have not heard of a modified star topology, a star is a star. I would say
that you
have seriously changed the characteristics of the cable by placing sockets
its length. If the sockets were a normalized type (not come across cat5
sockets either) then I would say the idea would work. A normalized socket
the connection at the point of connection. I would say that stray capacity
is your
worse enemy here, resulting in a sad lack of speed.


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On 19/03/2008 at 3:15 PM Gavin Chester wrote:

>On Wed, 2008-03-19 at 14:46 +0900, Hagar Horrible wrote:
>> On Wed, 19 Mar 2008, Gavin Chester wrote:
>> A simple diagram of my modified star
>> > topology may help:
>> > 
>> > X-------O---------O------O------X
>> > 	|			|
>> > 	|			|	       
>> > 	PC			Router
>> > 
>> > where each 'O' is a keystone socket and 'X' is crimped cable connector
>> > on a single cat5e cable placed loose on the floor. All connections and
>> > sockets test as good, but only X-X works, any combination of X-O or
>> > fails. WHY? Any ideas welcome. BTW: I have used two brand of keystone
>> > socket, in case that crossed your mind.
>> 1) Are you using only 1 cable per computer?
>Yes, I have laid five parallel cat5e cables - one for each
>PC/router/printer, but each cable is configured as above with multiple
>drop offs to different points/rooms. Each will only serve one appliance
>at a time - the extra drop-off points jsut give flexibility as to where
>the appliance is placed on the cable.  
>> 2) What was the pin/color combination for each plug?
>Done to T568A specs.
>> 3) was the cable single core ( for fixed wireing )
>> or twisted (core for more mobile solutions)?
>Single core cat5e
>> 4) is your router a hub or a switch and what
>> about the nic in the computers ?
>Important questions, but I don't think relevant to my issue which
>revolves around connecting to keystone sockets as opposed to crimp
>end-connectors. See other follow up post for info.
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