[plug] KWeather

bob bob at fots.org.au
Mon Mar 24 21:04:48 WST 2008

On Mon, 24 Mar 2008, Kev wrote:
> bob wrote:
> Hi ya Bloke,
> Sorry to hear you're down again.  Get well soon - you'll feel better ;-)

Hope to be tip top soon :). I was hoping to have some result from the latest 
bout as I had orders to get an X-ray when it happened but no luck there. 
Off to see the specialist again 1st Apr

> Thanx for the above.  I discovered that Albany is YABA, but now I can't
> find out how to get it in the relevant database/txt file.  I thought
> that it could be done in the applet, but alas no.  I found
> ~/.kde/share/config/KWeatherServicerc,

Looking at my own settings I would expect that to be the file you need to 
have the airport code in.

Did you try the old code? YPAL it might still be the one you need to use.

> and 
> ~/.kde/share/config/panelappletrc but adding YABA to either/both of them
> doesn't have it show up in the applet.
> Tia
> Kev

Patch griefs with proverbs.
		-- William Shakespeare, "Much Ado About Nothing"

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