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> > On Thu, 20 Mar 2008, Kev Downes wrote:
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> >> Greetings from the fabulous Gt Southern,
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> >> I've always run the little KWeather applet in my panel.  However, 
> >> that I live in Albany I'm not so interested in Perth's weather.  I
> >> noted last night, at a friend's place, that the weather applet in 
> >> allows an Albany (in WA not NY) selection.  Can, and if so, will
> >> someone please point me at a way to achieve this in Linux.  I assume
> >> that as Windoze does it, the met office here at Albany does have 
> >> link enabled for this purpose.

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By AussieJohn:

I have found that when you manually enter the 4 letter code in 
kweather.rc in .kde, you must make sure that the code is only in capital 
letters and make sure that kweather is not already on your Panel.
Type in the 4 capital letter code and remember to save the change. Only 
then mount kweather on the panel and don't press the buttons relating to 
station code in kweather because this will wipe the code from 
kwearther.rc and you will be back where you started. You usually need to 
log out then back in and it should work OK.

Does this help at all ???

Albany W.A. code is now YABA

Formerly it was YPAL

For more info see  :


and :


All Australian airports now start with a "Y"


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