[plug] NFS Permission Denied

Harry McNally harrymc at decisions-and-designs.com.au
Tue Mar 25 20:07:21 WST 2008

Innis Cunningham wrote:

> I have two Ubuntu boxes both have the NFS system installed.
> If I write
> mount  box A:/home  /mnt/home  on both box A and box B I can
> see box A's home directory on either box
> If I write
> mount box B:/home  /mnt/home all I get is a permission denied warning.
> What I am trying to find out is if the reason I can't mount box B is because of a
> network problem or because you should not have two NFS severs running on the one

Hi Innis

As Ian said below, you need to run NFS on all the machines that want to export
 (share) their file systems over the network. It is ok for many machines to
run NFS on your network. If they are both running the same version of Ubuntu,
installed similarly, it should JustWork(tm) unless you have twiddled the
configuration on one or the other machine.


Ian said:
>> If a machine wishes to share (ie. export a file system in NFS speak)
>> then the NFS server services must be running and the file system must be
>> listed as exported.

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