[plug] NFS Permission Denied

Innis Cunningham innisc at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 25 21:39:00 WST 2008

 Hi Harry
Good to hear from you longtime no see have you been in touch with Russ.
> Innis Cunningham wrote:
>> I have two Ubuntu boxes both have the NFS system installed.
>> If I write
>> mount  box A:/home  /mnt/home  on both box A and box B I can
>> see box A's home directory on either box
>> If I write
>> mount box B:/home  /mnt/home all I get is a permission denied warning.
>> What I am trying to find out is if the reason I can't mount box B is because of a
>> network problem or because you should not have two NFS severs running on the one
>> LAN
> Hi Innis
> As Ian said below, you need to run NFS on all the machines that want to export
>  (share) their file systems over the network. It is ok for many machines to
> run NFS on your network. If they are both running the same version of Ubuntu,
> installed similarly, it should JustWork(tm) unless you have twiddled the
> configuration on one or the other machine.
Ok that answers the question on how many NFS servers on a lan.
The other question is why I can see box A's shared files on both box A and
box B but I cant see box B's shared files on either box.Both have as far as I can tell
got there nfs servers running.I can ping each box from the other and do trace route
from both but when I go to mount box B on box A I get a permission denied warning.
Why I wanted to get this working is so I could transfer my home folder between the
boxes,which I can do via A but dont understand why it won't work the other way
> Harry
> Ian said:
>>> If a machine wishes to share (ie. export a file system in NFS speak)
>>> then the NFS server services must be running and the file system must be
>>> listed as exported.
Thanks Guys


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