[plug] NFS Permission Denied

Alex Polglaze apolglaze at book-keepingnetwork.com.au
Tue Mar 25 22:55:31 WST 2008

Innis Cunningham wrote:
>>> I have two Ubuntu boxes both have the NFS system installed.
>>> If I write
>>> mount  box A:/home  /mnt/home  on both box A and box B I can
>>> see box A's home directory on either box
>>> If I write
>>> mount box B:/home  /mnt/home all I get is a permission denied warning.
>>> What I am trying to find out is if the reason I can't mount box B is because of a
>>> network problem or because you should not have two NFS severs running on the one
>>> LAN
Just thinking out of the box here.

what happens if you mount box B first? As in;

mount box B:/home  /mnt/home

Just do everything in reverse. 


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