[plug] ext3grep- undeleting files on an ext3 partition

tim.bowden at westnet.com.au tim.bowden at westnet.com.au
Fri Mar 28 13:18:47 WST 2008

I've always been careful about using rm, but now I've come unstuck. 
Yes, I ran it deliberately, thinking I was working on a copy of my
data.  Turns out I initially used mv, not cp when building my working
data set (contrary to my usual practice). I discovered that about 0.5
seconds after I used rm * to back out of some changes I was making to
a bunch of jpg's.  Yes, I felt like an idiot.  Unfortunately I can't
go back to the original source of the images: The internal memory of
my digital camera (now deleted), so I'm forced to try and undelete. 
I'm looking at ext3grep for the job, but I'm wondering if anyone here
has tried it and can report on its effectiveness?  or any
alternatives that have worked for anyone.  Although I believe the
current wisdom is that it's not possible, a desperate man will grasp
at any straw!

I shut down the laptop asap, and will boot with a live cd to recover
an image of the disk before I go mucking around with it, so I know
the data is on there.  I even know the inodes used by most of the
files and file sizes.

Thanks in great anticipation,
Tim Bowden

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