[plug] SAGE-AU Next meeting - Tuesday 1st April, 2008 - Rob Masters and the One Laptop Per Child laptop

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Hi all,

Below is the announcement for the next SAGE-AU meeting. I'll be
sending the Linux-related ones through on a more regular basis;
hopefully we can build up some links between the two groups.



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Subject: Next meeting - Tuesday 1st April, 2008 - Rob Masters and the
One Laptop Per Child laptop
Hi all,

 It is with great pleasure that I announce that SAGE-AU member Rob
 Masters will be presenting the April 2008 meeting.  Yes, it's on April
 Fool's Day, but it's after noon so the jokes don't count.  Read on!


                SAGE-AU Western Australian Chapter Meeting

                           - 1st April 2008 -


 DATE:   Tuesday April 1st, 2008

 TIME:   6:00 PM (drinks), 6:30 PM (meeting)

 VENUE:  Moon and Sixpence British Pub
        300 Murray St
        Perth 6000

 .: AGENDA :.

 [6:00pm] Meet for drinks and chat at "The Stables" in the rear of the
 pub.  The area is roped off with signage announcing the meeting.

 [6:25pm]  Migration to the Raine Room of the adjoining Comfort Inn.

 [6:30pm]  Welcome & Weekly War Stories.

 [6:35pm]  Meeting commences.

 This month's topic is "The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) laptop",
 presented by Rob Masters.

  This month, a warm welcome to SAGE-AU member Rob Masters.  Rob will be
  demonstrating the OLPC XO-1, the Linux-based laptop from the One
  Laptop Per Child project.  Tough and rugged, the laptops are designed
  to be inexpensive, mobile, and accessible (easy to use) to young
  children in developing nations.  Join us for a fun evening!

  http://laptop.org - official site
  http://olpc.com - non affiliated website
  http://olpc.org - squatters die die die

 Rob Masters is a SAGE-AU member and works for Bunnings.  We are sure
 that lowest prices aren't just the beginning where Rob is concerned!

 [7:30pm]  Meeting close.  Migration back to the pub for beer, soft
 drinks, sandwiches, Q&A, and General Discussion of current IT issues.


 The Moon and Sixpence pub is located on Murray Street, Perth, between
 Queen and William Streets.  It is within easy walking distance of the
 Busport, Wellington Street Bus Station or Perth Train Station.  For
 those who are driving, Murray Street is one-way (east, towards the
 hills) with vehicle entry available from Milligan Street, the Freeway
 and West Perth.  Parking is available from one of several City of Perth
 carparks located along Murray Street, as well as in bays on Murray
 Street itself.  Find your way there with Google Maps!


 Or if that doesn't work, use the full URL below[1].

 You can also check the menu and beers list at their website:



 Please pass this message on to any other people that you know who might
 be interested in attending - system administrators, technicians,
 engineers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, etc. Everyone is welcome!  Permission
 to forward this message overrides the usual SAGE-AU mailing list
 disclaimer or any other that may appear below.

 On behalf of SAGE-AU, I look forward to seeing you at the April 2008


 Andrew S.

 [1]  http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&time=&date=&ttype=&q=moon+%26+sixpence,+perth&ie=UTF8&ll=-31.951598,115.858598&spn=0.00985,0.016887&z=16&iwloc=A&om=1

 Andrew Shugg, SAGE-AU                 <andrew.shugg at member.sage-au.org.au>
 Regional Co-ordinator, WA Chapter      http://www.sage-au.org.au/rgwa.html

http://www.labyrinthdata.net.au - WA Backup, Web and VPS Hosting
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